Tourism and Hospitality (TH)

“One of the outstanding aspects of the Tourism and Hospitality division is its diversity in terms of research, teaching expertise, nationality and backgrounds of its faculty members—who are originally from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Iran and Vietnam. The courses taught in the TH division are some of the most popular on campus, with almost half of APU’s students taking at least one course in this field. 

Our division is making a constant effort to deepen academic knowledge and cooperate with local relevant stakeholders to maximize its potential as a leading institution in the field. Last but not least, the TH division also attempts to make great use of its geographic advantage as Beppu is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Japan, particularly due to the abundance of natural hot springs.”

Timothy Lee, Ph.D., Professor and Division Head (Australia)
Degree: Ph.D. in Management (University of Surrey, UK), M.A. in Management (University of Surrey, UK), MBA (Long Island University, USA)
Research Fields: Health and Wellness Tourism, Local Identity Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Cultural Heritage Tourism, Tourism Development which Incorporates East Asian Standards, Festival and Mega Events, Gaming Industry

Division Overview

Tourism is a fast growing economic sector that transforms societies and communities in the Asia Pacific region. The Tourism and Hospitality (TH) division looks at various aspects of mass tourism and alternative tourism and the economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts on societies and communities. The division also studies the theory and practice of hospitality management as it relates to the tourism, service, health and welfare industries. The knowledge and academic/professional skills obtained from our division will be useful for a wide variety of employment opportunities in government service, international organizations and private corporations, as well as to further study.

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Sisca Pimlada Bunthornwan (Thailand)

 Morse Caoagas Flores

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Studying tourism as a master’s student at APU has given me a greater understanding of the current state of international tourism — and what potential it holds — through an emphasis on the connection between local and global stakeholders. My astute and resourceful professors take advantage of APU’s location in Beppu, as it is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in all of Japan, by drawing upon on the robust local tourist industry for their course material. We as students are encouraged to draw from such sources, but also expand our sights to incorporate global dimensions in our research; this is in turn facilitated by the range and depth of specializations and expertise of our professors. Another layer in APU’s education exists thanks to the global student body, as I have daily opportunities to discuss various topics and issues with classmates from different countries from all over the world. This has enabled me to view my own studies through countless perspectives and to truly appreciate the unity that results from diversity, both on campus and in the tourism industry itself. I am very thankful for being a part of this strong and multicultural community at APU.