Sustainability Science (SS)

“Over the past two centuries, rapid population increase, industrialization/urbanization, and excessive use of fossil fuels has led to environmental issues such as climate change, energy shortage, pollution and waste. The impact of these issues are threatening the future of our human society. 

Our faculty members in the Sustainability Science division have profound knowledge and experience in environment and development studies, and are fully committed to assisting students in research projects that pursue sustainable solutions. Students under my supervision come from all over the world and study sustainable cities, climate change, renewable energy, environmental impact assessment, poverty problems, etc. Talking and discussing in such a diverse research group is both fun and inspiring.”

Yan Li, Ph.D., Professor and Division Head (China)
Degree:Ph.D. in Engineering (Kyoto University, Japan), M.Sc. in Urban Geography (East China Normal University, China)
Research Fields: Environmental Impact Assessment, Environment Policy, City Planning, Architectural Planning, Traffic Engineering, Land Planning, Social System Engineering, Safety Systems

Division Overview

The Sustainability Science (SS) division focuses on the application of science for achieving the goals of sustainable development. This division analyzes the planning and implementation of policies and actions that deal with the relationship between society and nature with the ultimate goal to create a sustainable future for all. Study involves the scientific understanding of society-nature interactions; linking research with policy and actions; generating new knowledge, tools and techniques; and enhancing scientific and institutional capability for promoting sustainability and resilience. Students are expected to gain a holistic perspective, integrative skills and interdisciplinary knowledge as they engage in analyzing and managing particular problems and issues of population-resource-technology-institution interactions. 
(Includes Dual Degree International Material Flow Management (IMAT) Program)

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Malili Nair (Fiji)

 Morse Caoagas Flores

   Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

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   Sustainablity Science


My time at APU has been one of the most significant milestones in my career. Its culture and its location have proven to be a boon to me both professionally and academically. I have been able to get to know professors and peers from various backgrounds and with different expertise while taking in APU’s beautiful natural surroundings, with the added benefit of being assisted in my daily life by APU’s engaging staff. I will never forget the relaxed and secluded learning environment of APU, with its globally connected and yet accessible social setting. The diversity of students, faculty and staff at APU is a resource that has allowed me to grow as a person, to see myself contrarily, and to be self-governing in my academic and social life. My experiences here have allowed me to strengthen the relationship between Fiji and Japan, and I hope one day to raise the educational standards of the Asia Pacific region in general. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of APU.