International Public Administration (IPA)

“In our contemporary world, cross-border movement of people, goods, money and information is continuously evolving. With this deepening of mutual dependence, various challenges in public policy cannot be coped with by a state’s local or national government alone. When formulating and implementing domestic public policy, states often find it necessary to consult various international organizations and peer member states facing similar challenges. 

The International Public Administration division addresses these topics and explores modalities and alternatives to improve current situations and to cope with future challenges. We welcome students with keen interests in the various issues of the international community and in the interactions between international and domestic administrations.”

Susumu Yamagami, Professor and Division Head (Japan)
Degree: M.A. in Political Science (University of Washington, USA)
Research Fields: International Politics, Comparative Studies, Area Studies in East Asia

Division Overview

The International Public Administration (IPA) division is aimed at providing knowledge and skills to those who are interested in pursuing an advanced career in national and international governmental organizations. This division enables students to improve professional and practical skills to manage and evaluate administrative operations and policies in national, regional and global settings. The major subjects in this division relate to international organizations, international cooperation policy and public administration, and form the foundation on which each student can further build a more focused study depending on their intended policy field.

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Swe Sett (Myanmar)

 Morse Caoagas Flores

   Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

   International Cooperation Policy (ICP) 
   International Public Administration


I’ll never forget my life at APU, which was full of exciting academic challenges and deep satisfaction with the unique multicultural environment. During my time as a student in the master’s program for International Cooperation Policy, I was able to create strong bonds with friends and colleagues all over the world — a personal network of accomplished professionals that I am still a part of today. After graduating under the expert guidance of my professors, I accomplished my dream of rejoining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my home country as a diplomat. I am now serving as First Secretary in Myanmar’s embassy in Washington DC, USA. The real-world experience, knowledge, and awareness of international issues that I obtained through my studies at APU are invaluable to me as they have proven to be essential tools in my career in international diplomatic relations. I am very grateful for and will always remember my dear professors and classmates at APU.