Development Economics (DE)

“The Development Economics division invites students to explore the aspects of economic growth in developing countries. Our division not only emphasizes researching such topics but also emphasizes the study of policies and practices that improve the living standard of the populations through public or private channels. 

Our faculty members have experience working with various international organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Asian Productivity Organization. They also continue to hone their expertise by actively researching development economics and publishing their work in international academic journals. 

Many of our students represent various developing regions and are working on different issues of development economics in their own countries. As a DE student, you will interact with other students who have various job experiences in their home countries, to prepare yourself for a career in international development on the world stage. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of our excellent division.”

Sangho Kim, Ph.D., Professor and Division Head (South Korea)
Degree: Ph.D. in Economics (Michigan State University, USA), M.A. in Economics (Sogang University, South Korea)
Research Fields:Theoretical Economics, Econometrics, Applied Economics, Economic Policy

Division Overview

The Development Economics (DE) division is aimed at those who are interested in the socio-economic issues of the developing world. Study in this division enables students to improve their critical and analytical skills in many areas of development economics, including industrial development, social development, political development, rural development and poverty alleviation. Students are also able to enhance their professional and practical skills related to international development. This division also aims to enhance the development of research skills in this field for those wishing to pursue further study. The knowledge and skills obtained will provide a wide variety of employment opportunities in international organizations, national and local governments, international development agencies, NGOs and development consultancy firms.

Faculty and Their Research Fields

Major Subjects

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Mirna G. De La Portilla F. (Mexico)

Morse Caoagas Flores 

   Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

   International Cooperation Policy (ICP) 
   Development Economics


Studying my Master’s degree at APU was a life changing experience. While at APU I had the opportunity to meet, and more importantly work with, people from many different countries. The worldviews of the people I met made me revalue and expand my own range of thought. After graduating from APU, I began working as a coordinator in the Secretariat of Human Development of my local government. I organized and implemented Social Programs and workshops such as: FORTAMUN 2015 – Gender Equality, which consisted of workshops, citizen forums, and awareness campaigns, impacting around 4,500 woman in the City of Altamira. The knowledge and experience I gained from interacting with many different people while at APU allowed me to work more effectively within my local government. The knowledge and social capital I was able to build within APU, along with the opportunities I was given to experience the intricacies of enriching cultures with unique people from all parts of the world, is something that I will forever be grateful to APU and Beppu for.