Society and Culture (SC)

“The Society and Culture division fosters an interdisciplinary perspective through diverse fields of coursework and empirical research instructions in order to identify, analyze and tackle socio-political and cultural issues affecting the Asia Pacific region. 

Faculty members in the program have expertise in various fields and are fully committed to assisting students in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as methodological skills necessary for succeeding in their individual projects. One of the great benefits of studying at APU, besides the academically inspiring courses and instruction offered, is to explore various aspects of Japan while being immersed in a vibrant, multicultural environment on campus. This not only helps our Society and Culture students to become more open-minded thinkers or scholars, but also turns them into versatile researchers”.

Kaori Yoshida, Ph.D., Professor and Division Head (Japan) 
Degree: Ph.D. in Asian Studies (University of British Columbia, Canada), M.A. in Communication Studies (University of Calgary, Canada), M.Ed. (Fukuoka University of Education, Japan)
Research Fields: Media Studies, Comparative Culture Studies

Division Overview

The Asia Pacific is one of the most rapidly developing regions in recent decades. To capture the patterns of social and cultural changes occurring, the Society and Culture (SC) division is devoted to promoting comparative academic research on the region. Students can acquire practical skills in formulating and conducting research using theories and methods developed in sociology, cultural anthropology, media and communication studies. With knowledge concerning social and cultural backgrounds of the countries in the regions, it enables students to have greater employment opportunities in government, industrial, commercial and academic institutes.

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Nhu Ngoc Nguyen (Viet Nam)

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Every choice we make is a step on the path of self-discovery. Whether or not to pursue a degree in higher education, when and where to do so, and under whose guidance - these are choices that, when made wisely, can enable self-betterment and shape future visions in one’s chosen profession. The choice to join the Society and Culture division at APU’s Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies has not only given me the chance to pursue my master’s degree, but has also acquainted me with the right people who support me unfailingly and help recognize my passions, strengths, and weaknesses. While professional consultation is always available when needed, I appreciate that in our division we are encouraged to explore and develop our research freely and independently. The program duration of two years is indeed short, but filled with rewarding experiences, valuable lessons, and cherished memories with professors and friends. It is a choice that I’m proud of making, for it has made me a better person - rich in knowledge and gratitude.