International Relations (IR)

“The International Relations division provides students access to faculty with a rich and diverse set of practical and academic experience in fields of diplomacy, peace building, international political economy, international law and international cooperation. In addition to our diverse international perspectives among faculty, our campus hosts students from over 80 countries. The diverse student body presents an unparalleled chance to engage in course content and discussions with students and faculty from around the globe. 

This division also provides students with the skills and knowledge to contribute positively to political, security and social issues. Students completing advanced degrees in the international relations program are well equipped for many careers such as those involving diplomacy, the media, government service, corporate leadership, analysis, education and work for non-governmental organizations.”

Steven B. Rothman, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Division Head (USA) 
Degree: Ph.D. in Politics (University of Oregon, USA), M.Sc. in Politics (University of Oregon, USA) 
Research Fields: International Relations Theory, International Policy Making, International Environmental Policy, Subject Pedagogy

Division Overview

The International Relations (IR) division is aimed at expanding students’ empirical knowledge base and sharpening their analytical and theoretical thinking regarding social, political, economic and security phenomena in the globalizing world. The courses in this division provide a useful knowledge base for both academic-bound students and practitioner-bound students with intended careers in security, diplomacy and media. While taking subjects such as international security, international law and conflict resolution, students will also focus on writing a thesis or research report.

Faculty and Their Research Fields

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Dinar Swastiningtyas Theosa (Indonesia)

 Morse Caoagas Flores

   Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

   Asia Pacific Studies (APS) 
   International Relations


APU’s GSA program has provided me with outstanding experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Not only do courses in the International Relations (IR) division challenge me to think in-depth and analytically about current international affairs, the multicultural environment allows me to do so with a worldwide network of friends and classmates whose different perspectives are precious learning resources during classroom discussions. Additionally, the ample opportunities for research funding and assistance have given me the invaluable experience of presenting my research at reputable international conferences around the world. I am constantly enriched by the academic setting here at APU, whose embrace of global values inspires me to approach both my research — and my personal life — from multiple perspectives. I feel that the master`s program here is not only helping to shape me into who and what I want to be, but also preparing me thoroughly for my next journey.